Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions about the renting or selling process, our services, terminating your rental agreement, real estate projects or other related subjects, we are here to help. If you still have questions or need further clarification after reading the frequently asked questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The rental agreement can be terminated every month. The notice must be received before the first of the month. Example: notice received on: 21-11-2024 then the contract will be terminated on 31-12-2024.

Terminations are only processed via the website (under ‘tenants’) or via email: Attention; a termination is only definitive after you have received confirmation from us. 

Before termination of the rental agreement, an inspection will take place when you return the keys. At that time, you will fill out a form with your bank account details for reimbursement of the safety deposit.  

If everything is as it should when you return the keys, it generally takes 1 month before the safety deposit is reimbursed. On the final receipt that is made up when you return the keys, it will state the exact amount you will be reimbursed. 

Yes, in that case we would like to receive the following information about the candidates you recommend, along with a copy of their ID card: 

  • Name
  • Current address
  • Postal code + town
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Emergency telephone number
  • Email address
  • Emergency email address
  • Field of study / occupation
  • Name current landlord
  • Telephone number current landlord
  • We will include him/her in the process. 

The rent is payable in advance, always before or on the first day of the concerned rental period, and in the following way: the rent must be paid via bank transfer in advance. The account number and other information can be found in the rental agreement (4.2).

A repair request or complaint can be submitted via the online portal. Go to our website and click tenants. You can log in here with the information supplied to you at the start of your rental agreement. 

Yes, you can request this with a message via the online portal. Please write in the subject line: request landlord’s declaration. Clearly state your full name and the address of the rented property + your email address. This is the link to the login page of the online portal. Here you can log in with your username and password. You received these in an email at the start of your rental agreement.

Contact us.

It is possible to have a duplicate key made. Because we have our own proprietary key system, this can only be done through us. You are not allowed to do this yourself. The costs for a duplicate key are on average €50.00.

You can request this from the municipality. 

Some taxes must be paid by the occupant of the living space instead of the owner. This is the user part. Such as water authority taxes; costs for the purification of waste water (purification tax) and prevention of flooding (water system tax). And for the collection and processing of waste and household rubbish (waste management tax).