Sell your house, flat or (commercial) property quickly with Havos Vastgoed

Havos Vastgoed buys houses and real estate without financing conditions. Havos Vastgoed offers you the possibility to sell your house or real estate quickly and with certainty. Our process is quicker because there is no estate agent involved. This also means savings on mediation costs. Want to learn more about the options? Feel free to contact us for an informal and free appointment. After the inspection, we usually make an offer immediately, so you know where you stand. If you want to consider further, check out the houses on offer on our website, where you can view recently purchased properties.

Want to know more about the houses and properties we have purchased in the past? Take a look at our selection now! If you’re curious about what we can do for you, then contact us!

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Advantages of selling your house without an estate agent

  • No need for financing conditions (Havos Vastgoed purchases independently, at its own risk);

  • Immediate clarity about your situation;

  • You determine the completion date (you can continue living in the house after the sale for a certain amount of time if you choose to);

  • No costs for an estate agent or mediator This means you save thousands of euros.