Information for tenants

As a tenant, you might have questions for us. On this page you can find information about various subjects, such as registering for a rental home, reporting the need for a repair or terminating your rental agreement. For other questions, please go to FAQ.

Registering as a house hunter

Are you looking for a temporary rental home, but our current rental home listings aren’t quite what you’re looking for? Then register as a house hunter with us. We will save your details and contact you as soon as we have a suitable home in our listings.

Report repair

Submit a request for repairs below. Any repair request you submit must be the result of normal use of the residence. If our employees conclude that the damage was deliberate or caused by neglect on your part as the tenant, you will be charged for the costs for the repairs. You are responsible for the costs of any repairs to individually installed customisations, with support if necessary.

We advise you to first assess if you can perform certain repairs yourself. The list below provides information on who is responsible for which tasks: the tenant or the landlord.

If you experience problems as described below, follow the steps in the video to solve the problem yourself.

Report repair

Terminating the rental agreement

Want to terminate your rental agreement? Please complete the form below. Attention: your termination only becomes definitive after confirmation by us.

Termination procedure

The rental agreement can be terminated on any day of the month. The notice period is a minimum of 1 calendar month. If you give notice after the first day of the month, for example on 2 August, then your rental agreement will conclude on the last day of the following month, namely 30 September. Questions about terminating your rental agreement? Email us at

Vacating the property

Vacating a property is subject to specific rules The property must be in good condition and clean on delivery. If you were renting a furnished house, the furniture must be left in good condition. When checking in to the property you received an inspection report, and the property must be delivered in the same condition.

Do you have doubts about certain aspects of the property when vacating? Don’t wait until the final inspection. Email us at with the relevant issues.